Reworking the Update System

I had to drop the SQLite add-on I was using for storing the local data for part updates. I could have probably got it working fine with the CI system but luckily I wasn't that far along with it and it would be easier to just have all of this saved in a custom JSON format since I wont need to do any conversions, just parse the files. I suppose it might be a little slower if there's a lot of stuff going on but at the point it would even be noticed we'd be dealing with thousands or hundreds of thousands of entities on screen.

It also removes a third party dependency which is always good, never know if you'll introduce a bug or security problem from someone else's code or if they will even maintain the project into the future.

Welp, went out to the store and now it's time to make dinner. I managed to get some planning done but not a whole lot was accomplished today. I will try working from the living room tomorrow and see if things flow a little better.