What's been done?

What's been done?

Well, not a whole lot. I have been working out what I will actually need and cut some costs down a bit more around here. I have a lot of things I need to save up for...

Anyway, I've started considering moving the game from 2D to 2.5D, Ragnarok Online style. 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites. I have some experience doing this a few times with my little alchemists menagerie project where I tried to figure out if I would like to even bother with Unity. Not really, apparently. Just don't like it I'm afraid.

The idea of having the world be 3D adds more dimension to explore and detail to add. While I wish I had the resources to go full on 3D with this I doubt I could pull it off without significant time invested into learning my way around Blender once and for all.

I've also been redesigning the update system a little slowly. Mostly because I want to figure out how many servers I will really need in dev, I think I should be good with 2, one for support and backups and one for the game network and all it's containers.

I'll speed up work on the new update system once I reorganize my servers and downsize. This will probably take a few days, maybe just one if I am in the zone.

As for the 3D aspect, I would like to have parts of the game be in 3D space to give more depth. I also might be able to fully convert the game into a full 3D game later on if I find one of us has become proficient with modelling tools.

Anyway, we'll see how things go; I need to get some hardware for Moon, she's got nothing to dev on right now. I have a monitor for her but no PC. This will require a bit of saving... for now we will just have to share.

Before I can buy her some hardware I have to make sure I have everything I need as well as some redundancies for a new member who showed up.

We got a bearded dragon, people who got her were having trouble getting the stuff she needed and I guess she was having some health issues so they gave her to us since we're set up to care for reptiles.

As yet unnamed lizard.

She is still getting used to the place so she's got a dark beard. I know she had to come over them railroad tracks to get here so she probably got a bit of a shake.

She came with most of what she needs and she seems to have been well cared for. I just need to make sure I get some redundancies in place and build her a little monitor like I did for the leopard gecko gang.

Well, time to cook dinner. I can say I did get my dev tools almost completely ready and got my auto-deploy system working as intended in this time so I haven't just been working in the theory and lore land the entire time.