Client Updates: Part 1

So now I have my plan I just need to implement the functions.

First I need to pull the version data from the API to store the current versions of things.

I will also need something that allows update skips– ...I think on the client I will look through all the updates backwards and only take the latest version of each updated item. This will save time and API calls.

Well, time to pull the first part of the data from the API.

Client Updates endpoint

Huh. Might just save all these into zip files. Would be easier to clean up.

Glad I noticed that.
Well, the DB is now created when it doesn't exist.
Reading into client fine.

I've made the update endpoints read only and allowed public access so users don't have to log in to update.

I've also structured the version check to allow me to set the last update to null and force all clients to do a full update.

API returns current versions...

Now that I have the version data I need to actually do the updates. Hang on to your asses, it's gonna get bumpy here.

Alright, I have the checks in place. That's all I am going to get done today unfortunately as I have to do a lot of stuff around the apartment including bathe my dog.

Monday I will continue from here, setting up all the API checks and starting to perform the updates, then pulling the updated images and saving them.